Lucy Farmer

A tenured Australian artist, Lucy Farmer (b. 1984, Melbourne, Australia) has proven herself as a gifted prodigy of the arts.

A childhood environment surrounded by creativity – including her father’s art – Lucy was able to pursue with inspiration and encouragement her interest in different mediums. After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts: Performance Studies (Hons) from Victoria University, Lucy went on to attain her Master of Fine Art (by Coursework) Painting from RMIT University.

A multi-talented performer, Lucy has appeared in, choreographed and directed many videos and live performances; receiving grants and awards including the Art Start Grant. Collaborative works and participation in group exhibitions also demonstrate Lucy’s affinity and talent for producing pieces which evoke powerful emotions and connections to other artforms and artists.

Producing and cultivating herself as a seasoned fine artist, Farmer’s paintings and drawings have been appreciated in many Australian exhibitions for more than 15 years. Farmer also has private collections in Australia, USA and UK.

Artist Lucy Farmer wearing an orange apron
Painting of a diamond on an aqua background


In recent years, Farmer has refined her style and subject matter to the most revered of stones, the diamond. The diamond is mined and transformed from raw to refined – when it is revered as a symbol of wealth and social status. Through her artwork, we experience the gamut of society’s ideology: desire, envy, aspiration, lust, avarice, exorbitant and the grotesque.

At the heart of Farmer’s inspiration is the desire to portray and aggrandize the ‘flash of fire’ from a diamond. Also known as ‘light dispersion’, the ‘flash of fire’ refers to the flashes of light that the stone diffuses whilst under the light – and how the colourful flashes are formed.

By layering many thin washes of paint, Farmer creates handsome imagery with colours that glow and play in the light. Refractions and reflections bring the strength and sparkle of the archetypal diamond and are juxtaposed with organic lines more akin to a diamonds raw form. The works are eye catching and relatable, eliciting a sensory and emotional connection. The beautiful artworks resonate in their uniqueness, a mature embodiment of our primitive desires: aspirations and growth, trials and tribulations. They represent ‘want’ and a penchant for ‘more’. For ‘bigger’. For ‘better’.

The process takes commitment and time, ultimately producing visually stunning works of pure colour and tone. Farmer strives to encapsulate the candid beauty and tranquility of the world to compliment your home, adding allure, elegance, maturity and romance to any space.