The Making of a Silk Dress Coat – Part 5: Mother of the Bride

  Diamante Embellishments: This Mother of the Bride silk dress coat is now nearly finished! Last thing to do is to add the diamante embellishments before the final sewing. I only put a few on as I didn’t want to over-power the hand painted silk.

Diamond a Day – December 2016

The daily diamond drawings for December 2016 featured a white diamond, pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, brown diamonds – all the diamonds!

Diamond a Day – November 2016

Coloured diamonds were in fashion this month in the Lucy Farmer studio. Read on for a sample of November 2016’s diamonds:

The Making of a Silk Dress Coat – Part 4: Sewing the Coat

The planning, painting and embroidery are done – now it’s sewing time!

A Diamond a Day – October 2016

The diamond theme for October 2016 was black and white. No colour, just white, black and all the lovely greys in between.

A Diamond a Day – September 2016

A diamond a day keeps the doctor away – or something like that. To help keep my artwork fresh and healthy I am making a small, quick collage study of a diamond every day.  

The Making of a Silk Dress Coat – Part 3: Hand Embroidery

After painting the silk taffeta for the dress coat, I’m ready to begin adding extra detail with some hand embroidery.

The Making of a Silk Dress Coat – Part 2: Painting the Silk

In part 1 of The Making of a Silk Dress Coat I walked through the planning and preparation of the design. Now we’re at part 2, let’s get into the painting!

The Making of a Silk Dress Coat – Part 1: Watercolour Studies for Silk Painting

I have been commissioned to create a silk painting to be made into a ladies dress coat. In order to become familiar with my subject matter, I needed to do several watercolour studies of my subject: Australian native flowers.

Making a Hand Painted Gold Fish Silk Top

These two friendly goldfishes have been hand painted on silk. I painted the silk so that when made into a top it would wrap around the body and join with a single seam at the back.