Reflective Diamonds

I admit to being caught up in today’s image-focused, social media driven culture. Beauty, drama, diamonds, all the shiny things that saturate Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and the like, that we spend so much of our lives scrolling through. With every minute that passes, I’m becoming more and more desensitised to these excesses.

Diamonds/gems/bling are universal symbols of luxury and wealth and something that’s desired by many – and this craving for status symbols is fulfilled with a simple mouse click or mobile app.

I’ve chosen to represent these themes through the medium of oil painting. My technique for layering the many glazes of oil paint is reminiscent of the old masters grisaille technique. I use oil paint on aluminium composite panels and online-sourced images of jewellery and faceted gems as a starting point and let the composition evolve from there. Using multiple glazes of paint, one on top of the other, allows me to re-create the play of light seen when looking into a diamond – its facets, its depth, its undeniable sparkly appeal. I aim to create a beautiful, opulent, over-indulgent experience through my paintings – to give brief satisfaction to the MORE! craving our society promotes.

These diamond paintings literally reflect the viewer as they gaze into the depts of the distorted diamonds.

Oil on mirrored aluminium composite panel.